Re: DSM: [SVS Discussion Board] Just some questions
Thu, 9 Dec 1999 22:01:05 EST

Dear Karen, and others in the same boat . . .

Sudbury Valley School offers ways to get almost all of your questions
answered. First, there is a wealth of written material available. Then, for
people who are thinking about the school for their children, an interview at
the school, with the people whose job it is to explain the school clearly,
and answer all the questions that families have, is the next step. It is
really difficult to answer most of your questions any other way besides those
two; Sudbury Valley is both a very simple and a very complex idea -- the
simple idea becomes very complicated when people try to understand it in the
context of their own lives. So, I urge you to go to the source for answers
to your questions, even though the opinions of other parents become
extraordinarily relevant once you have gotten more context.


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