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   MESSAGE: (#71) Just some questions
   AUTHOR: Karen <karendenison@email.com>
   DATE: Wednesday, 8 December 1999, at 4:52 p.m.


I've been reading about the Sudbury schools off and on for some time now
(years actually). My daughter, Jeni, age 9, 4th grade traditional school,
would love to attend school at Sudbury Valley. I have so many questions, from
the simplest - what are the hours the school is open? - to complex - are kids
really ready for college when they're 18 or so when they've gone to Sudbury

We live in Grafton. Is there a way to hook up with other parents in the
Grafton area to ride share?

Just so many questions. ;) I would love to meet with the parent(s) of a kid
who attends school at SVS. This school sounds so much like what I would have
loved to have attended as a kid. I was always bored in school - I hated the
way that history was taught and it's only now, as an adult reading
well-researched historical fiction, that I have grown to love and understand
history. If I'd attended school at Sudbury Valley, I would have learned so
MUCH more!

I'll check back here to see if anyone writes anything in reply to this.

All the best, Karen.


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