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Joe Jackson (
Wed, 25 Aug 1999 22:35:48 -0400

>Ummm..Joe, if you are going to rack Mr. Peterson across the coals
>for his somewhat Aramaic form of speech, you would be wise to
>refrain from using a similiar style yourself.

I would characterize my form of speech more accurately as

>Your second point (quoted below), I found somewhat confusing. Was
>your choice of ornithologists deliberate in connection with Mr.
>Peterson's name? (as in Roger Tory Peterson of the justly famous
>guide books.)

Actually I figgur'd that since the opinions of anthropologists are so
obviously irrelevent in the educational decisions parents and children are
making today, I'd counter that the field of ornothology (which I thought of
partly randomly, and partly because I was playing my Charlie Parker
Aebersold the other day) is irrelevent in relieving Peterson of this "idiot"
reputation he's been trying to shake.

>Mr. Peterson, in fact, received his PhD from the
>University of Chicago, which is generally not characterized
>as a gumball machine.

I didn't actually even know he had one - I only assumed it based on his
obvious unwillingness to assimilate new ideas (no offense, all you reformed
phd's out there). In any case, any phd recipient who is still referred to
as "Mr" certainly raises MY eyebrows.



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