Re: DSM: one more thought on SV model and home schooling

AR Gouin (
Tue, 17 Aug 1999 10:44:25 -0400

Amen, Amen ... BUT, a degree without a HS diploma is something else. In
fact I might even go so far as saying that a degree in spite of a HS
diploma might even be more meritorious. Not to brag about my degrees
just indicating that it is possible to get them without diploma.

Joe Jackson wrote:
> >My point is - you don't need a degree to succeed! You can succeed with a
> >dream, faith in your natural ability to learn, and a good dose of
> >motivation, determination and creativity.
> I agree! I am a big fan of training, and in so many areas a college degree
> can offer a strong technical background that will serve a person for years;
> however our society has grown so reliant on the college degree as an
> external and usually artificial measure of a person's success...
> As a fellow "undegreed" person whose career has not in the least been
> hindered for lack of academic credentials, you have my strong "Amen"!
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