DSM: accrediting

Sharon Stanfill (sharons@juliet.ll.mit.edu)
Wed, 14 Jul 1999 13:01:19 -0400

Joe Jackson says:

Yes; the concept of how we get the public perception of our school from
where we are now to being a "regionally-respected, highly regarded" school
without selling out in terms of the Model is something we've been talking
about a lot. My theory is that it's marketing but that we'll never get all
the way there because of our culture's crazy ideas about what's good for
children and what rights children have.

The whole concept of public perception is an interesting one. I've noticed
that not one of the ads in the local parents paper for private schools mentioned
accreditation (with some exceptions for schools for 'special needs' where
there are funding issues) so it's not likely to be at the top of the list
of things parents immmediately concern themselves with. But, at least in
my experience, up here in NE, public perceptions of private schools are
built slowly, by word of mouth to a large degree. Press accounts don't
enter into much, since there just isn't a lot of coverage.

>From my own experience - I looked at alot of school literature. Often, I
found it was not the 'pure facts' - how large is the school, what are the
fees, do they offer such and such...etc.etc. but a tone that comes out
only after you read and reread alot of catalogs. Finding your audience
would be part of it as well - although I'm not sure how one goes about

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