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tina wrote:

> I work with teens in a military sponsored program. We've had very few from
> an SVS background, but without exception they've dropped out due to
> difficulty in dealing with a structured, chain-of-command organization.
> For that reason, I see the choice of a military-type career for an SVS
> alumni to be more unusual than for the graduate of a traditional school.

     There are two ways in which a person can be disciplined. A person can be
disciplined BY somebody else, or s/he can discipline her/him self.
     If you have been accustomed to following the dictates of an external
authority, you will have no preparation for making your own schedules and keeping
yourself on track. It takes no special gift to follow orders.
     If you are used to being responsible for your own life, you will be able to
take the initiative and do what needs doing.

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