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Hello Scott and others,

Good to see the discuss-sudbury-model List back. I've wondered what
happened to it. Or maybe I've just started receiving posts after many
months of being dis-connected?

A small group of parents here in Ukiah are also planning to start a
democratic school/learning center in the next year. We're strongly
influenced by the writings of Ron Miller and the holistic education
concepts and therefore are seeking to design a Holistic/Sudbury model. We
would love to hear from others who might have some insight into this (new?)
direction we're headed in. As our process develops, we'll be networking
with the List. We've lots to learn.

For those of you on the list that knew of Mariposa School, I want to let
you know that it has closed after 27 years of operation. A new non-profit
organization, the Mariposa Institute, has been formed to hold the land and
stay involved in some way with promoting alternative education in our area
of Northern CA. A vision process is planned for later this summer to decide
the and mission, etc. The Institute has leased the
school buildings to a new charter school, which will begin operations here
in the Fall. And it will be developing a web site for the Mariposa School
archives (

Also, I'm curious to know if there are many Sudbury/Sudbury-type schools
that are members of the NCACS (National Coalition of Alternative Community
Schools)? I think it's important to find ways to build alliances with other
alternative/holistic/progressive (etc.) schools and organizations (a new
movement?)...and the NCACS just might be one way to do this (along with
AERO/Alternative Education Resource Organization, etc.). Mariposa School
was a member of NCACS (and the Institute will probably continue
membership), but we weren't very active in promoting the idea (too busy
with our survival issues?). I've been impressed by their more recent
revitalization efforts. I'd appreciate any thoughts on this. Thanks very

Larry Sheehy
Mariposa Institute

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