Re: DSM: Boston Globe Homeschooling Article

Kathleen Hanlon (
Mon, 7 Dec 1998 22:25:40 -0600

Sharon Stanfill wrote:
>For those who are interested, there is a rather lenghty article on
>homeschooling in yesterday's (Sunday) Boston Globe. You can probably
>pull it up at

I checked the Globe's website and was unable to find this article.
Apparently some articles by freelancers and correspondents do not appear on
the website since the Globe does not own the electronic rights, etc. Can
you give me the title of the article and the page number on which it
appeared, and maybe at some point I can find it on microfiche or whatever.
Also, what was the general thrust of the article - pro or con re:
homeschooling, portrayed family or families unschoolers or school-at-home
types, etc.
Kathleen (unschooling in Oklahoma, but dreaming of sending her kids to a
Sudbury-model school some day!)

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