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On Wednesday, October 21, 1998 9:19 AM, Sharon Stanfill
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> Joe,
> Could you comment further? I'm sure that the classroom dynamic
> is greatly different in most Sudbury schools than in many traditional
> schools, but how is it better?

Gladly, and thanks for your interest.

The only reason a class happens in a Sudbury School is because the student
asked for it -- this means that the student sitting in the classroom really
wants to be there, and that they want, and are even desperate, to learn
what the Staff member is teaching. Most people who have taught know that
the degree to which someone learns something almost entirely rests on the
degree to which that person wants to learn it -- that's why when a student
finally decides to learn a subject in a Sudbury School, they almost always
learn it in a fraction of the time that it takes traditional schools to ram
it down their student's throats. What people don't often talk about, and
something I see in our school all the time, is how much more intensely a
student locks in on something when it's them that decided when they were
ready to do it.

That pretty much covers the differences in the dynamic. As far as whether
it's better, I can only speak for myself, and my experiences are that the
Sudbury environment is profoundly more conducive to learning.

Thanks again -


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