Re: DSM: safety issues
Wed, 21 Oct 1998 19:00:47 EDT

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> But some of the staff here feel that items of a more medicinal nature should
> be provided. (i.e. children's Tylenol, Syrup of Ipecac, etc.) Perhaps
> are thinking like parents? My feelings are that it is not in our best
> interest as a school to make these things available.

You might check out local and state laws. I know the public schools here in
Maryland are pretty fanatical about NOT giving any medicines of any kind to
kids, except with a doctor's note and then only by the "school nurse". Some
kids have even gotten in trouble around the country for sharing a cough drop.
I don't know if these are simply school system policies (and, therefore,
easily ignored by you) or if they are the result of laws or regulations that
may govern your school, as well.


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